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Personalized Brochures – Google Uses Direct Mail

Looking to catch the eye of customers and prospects? Here’s a new take on an old classic… a personalized brochure sent via direct mail.

If Google is using direct mail to promote their products and services, why shouldn’t you be? This brochure has been digitally printed utilizing variable data personalization to create pages that are unique for each recipient. This is sophisticated stuff, folks! Each page is highly relevant and presents data that is specific to the viewer. For example, page one shows the actual pay per click ad our company had published in Google Adwords. It then shows the number of clicks, impressions, and overall results of the campaign. Not only is it visually appealing, but this is a very useful piece – making it likely that it will not get thrown away. I can assure you, we will be holding on to this report for years to come.

Yes, Google could simply send this report online via email – but even these internet giants know the value of holding something in one’s hand. The internet cannot replace the value of tactile connection.
Some ideas for personalized brochures for your business:

Financial Updates

Let your clients know how their portfolio is progressing. We’re sure you already have all the info in excel, leverage your data and create high-end personalized communications.

Retail View Books

If you have an eCommerce website, you may have many customers with full shopping carts or wish lists that have not yet been purchased. Send them a “nudge” and create a personalized view book with a coupon that showcases the items you know they already want. Using the information you already have to remind them of their own wants and desires will help close the sales loop.

Inquiry Response Material

When someone requests information about your company, instead of sending them a general, possibly overwhelming, booklet of all your products and services, give them exactly what they are looking for. You can create a custom brochure for each inquiry that prints only the pages that are relevant to the prospect.

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