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Which Direct Mail Pieces Are Effective? (And Which Aren’t?)

My grandma is obsessed with her yard.

perfect lawn

Utterly obsessed.

She has to have the greenest lawn, the prettiest flowers, and the most expertly manicured shrubbery. Naturally, growing up, my brother and I were her grounds-crew. We were poorly paid, but always had an unlimited supply of soda to consume after we mowed the lawn.

One summer my grandma decided that her lawn wasn’t green enough. She went to the local Ace Hardware (and by ‘she went’ I mean, she sent my grandpa) and bought two different kinds of fertilizer. She told me to spread one fertilizer on one half of the lawn and the other fertilizer on the other half.

Within 10 days it was apparent which fertilizer was more effective.

I am happy to report that my grandma had the greenest lawn in the entire town. It wasn’t even close.


My grandmother wanted to know which fertilizer was most effective so she deployed both products and was then easily able to measure and determine which one worked better.

My grandma did a lawn split test.

You should split-test your direct mail.

Direct Mail Split Testing

A tool like allows businesses and marketers to assign different phone numbers to different pieces of advertising and to then easily see which ones are generating phone calls and which ones are not. This means that you could split-test direct mailers The Mailworks sends out.

Call Tracking

You certainly want to determine which type of mailer design is most effective. You could split test colors or layouts or size. You can split-test anything you want. (Remember, the whole point of split testing is to optimize your advertising dollar. You want to get the most bang for your buck).

To split-test direct mail ads, you simply create two very different mailers and put a different LogMyCalls local or toll-free phone number on each. The calls are automatically routed to your business. Using a call tracking tool like LogMyCalls, you can easily tell which mailer is generating more calls.  You will know which mailer design, color, layout or offer works better.

It is that simple.

For example, if you split tested the color of direct mail ads and determined that a blue color-schemed ad generated more calls than a red-schemed ad, you would then know to run all blue ads next time. This will save you money and generate more phone calls.

You can follow that formula for any mailer, anytime, anywhere. Split testing will show you precisely what’s working and what isn’t.

Split testing will save you money.

It will show you, like it did my grandma, which grass is greener.


Article Submitted By McKay Allen.  McKay  is a PR and Marketing Manager for ContactPoint. Their flagship product is, a smarter call tracking tool that tracks advertising effectiveness, records calls and optimizes marketing spend.

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