Meet The Team

With more than 60 dedicated employees, our company provides quality and cost effective print and mail project management services for companies large and small. We are direct mail specialists who take pride in providing our clients with the best direct mail solutions. We are The Mailworks.

Meet The Team - Brianne Noonan
Brianne Baggetta Noonan – President | Ext.115

Brianne is responsible for keeping The Mailworks current with the latest direct mail industry trends. She oversees the marketing and advertising for the business as well as the purchasing of new equipment to highlight our production capabilities. Brianne has an intuitiveness and acute ability to constantly move forward and grow the business.

Meet The Team - Tim Dillon
Tim Dillon – Vice President | Ext.102

Tim aids in the conceptualizing, developing, and maintaining of all internal and external technological processes. He works closely with each department in the planning and development of strategies that maximizes our company’s technical and financial efficiency.

Meet The Team - Kathe_Quinn
Kathe Quinn – VP Client Services | Ext.113

Kathe’s number one priority is keeping her clients happy. Her ability to build and
maintain relationships has enabled The Mailworks to enjoy a dedicated and fast growing customer base. Kathe has spent the last 19 years working with our clients to bring their direct mail ideas to fruition in a cost effective and efficient manner, and is on the Executive Board of the Capital District Postal Customer Council.

Meet The Team - Natalie Wonders
Natalie Wonders – Account Executive | Ext.146

Natalie embraces being involved in all stages of her client’s projects, and it’s her goal to ensure every postage discount is received, budgets are maximized, and timelines are strictly followed. With close to 20 years of customer service experience behind her, Natalie’s positive attitude and dedication leave lasting impressions on her clients.

Meet The Team - Jennifer Terpening
Jennifer Terpening – Business Development | Ext.131

For nearly 15 years, Jennifer has provided her clients with superior print and mail solutions. Her extensive knowledge in USPS regulations and marketing strategies ensure satisfied customers and successful projects. Jennifer loves the challenge of working in a variety of industries and with new clients.

Meet The Team - Stacy Brewbaker
Stacy Brewbaker – Account Executive | Ext.330

With a background in business management and an eagerness to please her clients, Stacy is always able to take client ideas and goals, and turn them into a perfect product. Stacy’s determination, combined with her bubbly personality and enthusiasm, ensure your experience at The Mailworks will be a success.

Meet The Team - Joe_Manillo
Joe Mainillo – General Manager | Ext.116

Joe manages The Mailworks’ tight production schedule. His ability to organize and oversee the high volume and variety of print and mail projects that circulate through our facility is how we are able to meet our deadlines. With over 30 years experience, Joe constantly challenges himself and our team to learn new strategies and skills.

Meet The Team - Rich Cherney
Rich Cherney – Director of Prepress & Data Management | Ext.135

With 21 years of experience in computers and information technology, Rich can find a solution to your most difficult data, document and variable print mailing problems. Overseeing the digital printing department, he often impresses coworkers with his extensive knowledge.

Meet The Team - Beth Roy
Beth Roy – Director of Accounting | Ext.132

Beth has been with The Mailworks for 16 years and handles the invoicing and balancing of all accounts. She can clarify any invoicing questions related to service charges, postage balances, and left over materials.

Meet The Team - Corey Picket
Corey Pickett – Marketing Director

Corey manages the planning, development, and execution of all marketing programs at The Mailworks. Responsible for content creation, she maintains a variety of offline and online marketing communications. Coordinating with our sales team, she also assists in campaign consulting with clients.

Jessica Kane
Jessica Kane – Graphic Designer

Direct mail marketing requires industry specific knowledge, and Jessica’s pieces are designed for success. Excelling in logo creation, digital media, website design, brand development, variable data personalization, print advertising, and copy writing, her design concepts are sure to capture your prospect’s attention.

Mark Cherney, Scott Rogers, Chuck Brierley, and Jacob Messier
Prepress & Data Management  | Ext.117, Ext.130, Ext.104, Ext.141

Between them, this team has over 50 years of experience at The Mailworks. This team is responsible for preparing, sending and maintaining variable print projects while ensuring our high quality printing pieces get mailed at the lowest possible postage rates. Our computer department also processes and updates our client’s mailing lists in order to provide customers with the most accurate addresses available.

Production Staff

This team has (literally) poured blood, sweat and tears into this company and every project we process. Highly skilled and trained on our mailing equipment, there’s nothing they can’t fold, stuff, label and mail. Through their knowledge of print production and the mailing process, we are able to save our client’s money on postage and production costs, and they make sure every job leaves our facility successfully. Their dedication is what sets our company apart.

Meet The Team - Production

Meet The Founders

Meet The Team - Pamela Cassick
Pamela Cassick – CEO
Meet The Team - Michael Rabbia
Michael Rabbia – CFO

Pam founded The Mailworks in 1984 with the goal of earning $100 a week in order to help support her family and newborn baby. From the attic in her home, she supersonically stuffed, labeled, and sealed envelopes. Pam’s work ethic, consistent job performance, and entrepreneurial mindset has enabled The Mailworks to grow from a party of one to a company at the forefront of its field; processing over 100 million pieces a year.

With deep roots within her community, Pam is committed to giving back. A number of local charities and non-profits rely on her generosity for assistance with their advertising, printing and mailing services. She has been a Platinum level sponsor of both the Capital Region American Marketing Association and the Capital Region Postal Customer Council for over 15 years. In 2010, Pamela was awarded with a “Woman of Excellence” Award from the Albany Chamber of Commerce, honoring her professional success and dedication to community service.

Starting as a manager 20 years ago, Michael oversaw the Finance and Human Resources departments for The Mailworks. His strategic financial advisement ensured that we were able to stay current with the latest technologies, while his HR skills allowed us to employ the most knowledgeable staff in the direct mail industry. Michael continues to motivate everyone to work hard and be a strong member of The Mailworks team.

They remain on the board of directors and continue to offer valuable insight, direction, and support for current management.