Helpful Resources

Prepare and execute your most profitable direct mail campaign yet! This collection of useful links and helpful resources provide valuable marketing and postal information, as well as quick access to postal forms.

Customer Value Calculator

Measure the lifetime value of your customers with our calculator, and quickly see how much your customers are really worth. By determining these values you can effectively map out your direct mail budget and forecast what your return will be for specific response rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Here you’ll find a collection of answers to our most frequent direct mail questions.

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Graphic Design Samples

Direct mail graphic design requires knowledge of the USPS postal regulations and industry best practices. Trust our design team to provide the creative insight to make your next campaign a success. Click here to view our gallery of design samples.

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USPS DM Manual

Learn the mailing requirements and regulations of the USPS, and save money on postage by qualifying for postal discounts. The answers to many of your questions can be found within this helpful manual provided by the USPS for your reference.

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