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Planning a direct mail campaign? The articles below share creative marketing ideas, secrets and tips to maximize the success of your direct mail strategies.

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How Size, Weight, and Quantity Affect Post...

Here's a quick explanation of how the size, quantity, and shape of a mailing impacts postage rates. Also included are a few helpful tips on how to design a cost-effective mailpiece.

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Direct Mail Templates

Our graphic designers and direct mail specialists have teamed up to create this helpful cheat sheet. Inside you'll find design templates for several different direct mail styles, including snap packs, self mailers, personalized letters, nested invitations, and more!

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Free Envelope Templates

Looking to design and print custom envelopes? These templates will show you the design elements and print requirements necessary for a successful mailing.

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Google Logo

Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Any business looking to expand their reach can benefit from a Pay Per Click campaign. But, how does it work? More importantly, how will it help your business grow?

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How To Make Junk Free Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing campaigns should help you achieve company goals and growth. Junk mail will not allow you to reach these goals! Learn how to ensure your marketing communications are noticed, valued, and read.

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Avoid Direct Mail Destruction

Avoid Direct Mail Destruction

Follow these 4 steps to increase the durability of your mailings, and help prevent the scuffs, tears, and blemishes caused during the mail process.

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paper stock

What The Stock?

Paper selection is an important (and often overlooked) decision when planning a direct mail project. It affects the design, cost, and deliverability of a mailing. Don't get overwhelmed with the seemingly unlimited number of paper stocks and options! Download o...

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database maintenance

Database Maintenance Guide

According to the Post Office, database mailing lists deteriorate at a rate of 2% a month. Each year, as much as 20-25% of your mailing...

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Newsletters How To Guide

Regardless of your industry, company, or marketing channel, all company newsletters must adhere to a few universal principles. Do your newsletters pass the test?

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Think Outside the Envelope - Lumpy Mail

Tired of the standard letter into an envelope promotion? Lumpy mailings surprise and excite recipients, and beg to be opened.

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How To Design A Postcard

Designing Successful Postcard Mailings

What features make postcard mailings successful? In our most recent How To Guide, we explain just that! Dissecting a current postcard used by The Mailworks, our graphic design, marketing, and direct mail specialists share their knowledge and recipes for success!

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Social Media and Direct Mail

Direct Mail & Social Media Case Study

This case study summarizes the success of a local tavern's integrated campaign. Combining direct mail with social media, they were able to update their internal database, expand their social media reach, and can now target prospects with relevant marketing materials, in multiple channels.

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How To Use Handwritten Fonts

There are tens of thousands of fonts available, and new styles are created all the time. Don't waste valuable time searching online for the perfect style for your direct mail efforts!

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QR Codes Decoded

Learn the best strategies to integrate this mobile technology with your direct mail. We've also listed our favorite QR Code generators, and we promise it's easy! With this QR Code How To Guide, you'll get practical advice on creating, customizing, and profitin...

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variable data personalization

A Guide to Variable Data Personalization

Through Variable Data Personalization, information is pulled from your database and used to create targeted marketing materials, customized for each reader...

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Excel Database

Database Tutorial

Quickly learn how to format, build and grow a database that allows you to store valuable customer information and target your marketing.

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