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mailing list acquisition

Mailing List Acquisition

Are you identifying and connecting with the right prospects for your direct mail campaigns?

A quality mailing list is a necessity for a campaign to be successful. At The Mailworks, our customer services representatives work with you to reach your target audience and order mailing lists in an easy and affordable way.

Selecting specific criterion can be a daunting task. Let us help! With years of experience and through close relationships with our list compilers, we provide the guidance to help make your campaign a success. Having worked with B2B, B2C, national corporations, nonprofits and small businesses, we have the ability to navigate through multiple variables and create an effective and profitable mailing list for your campaign.

Your customer service representative can also guide you through geographic criteria. We will assist you in determining your footprint size and zip code selection. With our list compilers, we’re also able to suppress any zip codes or locations you’d like to avoid. This service is available for clients completing their direct mail projects with The Mailworks. Mailing lists are not offered for resell.

By defining, segmenting and targeting your prospects, your direct mail campaign will yield higher response rates and maximize your marketing dollars. Amplify your Return On Investment and see the direct mail results you’ve been looking for with intelligent targeting. Call us today to start.

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