Mailing List Hygiene

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Mailing List Hygiene

The quality of a mailing list directly impacts the success of the direct mail campaign. The Mailworks provides the best software, knowledge and resources available to ensure you are mailing to a deliverable and accurate list.

Processing lists through NCOA (National Change of Address) removes undeliverable addresses from a database by verifying any changes in address through the United States Postal Service files. Send us your data and we’ll utilize this effective and inexpensive tool to update and purge your mailing list of inaccurate addresses.

If supplying a suppression list, we will quickly modify your data. Or, if you’d like to market to only a portion of your mailing list, we can do that too. Provide us with the specifics and we will modify, adjust or target specific groups within your database.

By using the best mailing list compilers available, The Mailworks can ensure a mailing list will accurately meet your specified criteria. Our deduping service eliminates duplicate records, while list standardization will rearrange addresses into the proper USPS format. These two services enable us to enhance deliverability and verify addresses; resulting in a cleaner, more efficient mailing list.

Maintain and promote to a high quality mailing list. With increased list deliverability and accuracy you will see an increase in conversions and ROI. Whether we use an existing list or purchase a new one through a vendor, our mailing list services will help ensure the information is verified, accurate and complete.

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