Variable Data Personalization Example

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Variable Data Personalization

If you have ever received a piece of mail that was tailored just for you then you understand why personalized direct mail campaigns yield higher response rates. Utilize personalized text, images and greetings, and speak directly to your prospects.

With our advanced data printing systems, we will accurately analyze your data and complete complicated conditional processing, simple merge projects, sequencing, filtering, and everything in between.

Conditionally promote tailored offers, messages or images based on customer information or purchasing history. With our variable data printing software, tailored bar graphs, QR codes, specific signatures and greetings are just a few of the tools you can utilize to customize your print materials. Our software will analyze your database and determine what and where to print; resulting in completely unique pieces tailored to each recipient.

Through the use of targeted marketing materials, you can quickly establish relationships with prospects and emphasize their importance to your organization. Or, enhance customer loyalty with distinctive database mailings. Accelerate your return on investment with relevant information and specific calls to action. Here at The Mailworks, our sophisticated software programs allow us to personalize your mail while staying within your budget.

Take a look at this example and see how Variable Data Personalization can be used in successful direct mail marketing campaigns:

Dog groomers who track in their database the name and type of dogs their customers have, are then able to print coupons and reminder notices with images of the actual breed on the printed piece. This grabs the attention of the recipient and makes a more personable connection.

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